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The book, “It Never Happened, Volume 1,” is a riveting and amazing account of U.S. Air Force cover-up of the "UFO question." It is authored by retired Air Force Captain David Schindele who was a former Minuteman ICBM Launch Control Officer stationed at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. It was there, in 1966, when he was involved with a spectacular incident where a flying object managed to take down all ten of his nuclear tipped missiles, and render them unlaunchable! This very grave situation involved the strategic U.S. nuclear deterrent force, which was America’s first line of defense in the Cold War. It resulted in the Air Force "instructing" Captain Schindele to never speak of the incident again, and telling him “As far as you are concerned, It Never Happened.”

Captain Schindele maintained his silence for nearly forty years until other former missileers began to speak out about their incredible unearthly incidents. It was then that he attempted to learn the long history of the Air Force cover-up. He needed to find out why the Air Force publicly insisted that flying objects didn’t exist, and why it was stated that there was "nothing to investigate." He also found he needed to confirm to the world the awesome Truth that - "We are not alone in the Universe."

The book reveals the enormous attention given to Unearthly Flying Objects by the Air Force, which was documented in its own investigative efforts code-named Project Sign and Project Grudge. Those projects are examined in detail, which outlines a trail of convoluted and contorted investigative efforts to determine modus operandi of the objects and their potential threat to national security. Those efforts, however, were impacted by crucial and essential efforts by the Air Force to protect Truth of the UFO question, and the closely held, magnificent, and Monumental Secret of Roswell and other recoveries.

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